Technology Leads To Fewer Choices Evolving Creates Mountains

Technology Leads To Fewer Choices Evolving Creates Mountains

Let me ask you a question. It a common Technology occurrence to be forced to purchase a new laptop every so often because the technology hardware or software in your laptop is not being supported?

Microsoft Windows use to power approximately 90% of all personal computers worldwide today. Every couple of year, newer Windows versions release. Many applications, including your favourite web browser, will support the latest version once it happens. These applications stop supporting older versions in the same way as the new version over the course of a few years. Google Chrome is an example. It no longer receives updates when it runs on Windows Vista an older Windows operating system on my computer. Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows Vista.

Another example is that I found it difficult to locate an external hard drive, which is the device you use for backing up your data and photos of family and friends, and songs on my fully functional Windows Vista-based laptop. Most external hard drives are now compatible with the latest versions of Windows. How can I get the hard disk I need? They probably won’t be able to.

Product Life Expectancy Technology

Companies plan for a product’s expected life span and provide technical support and warranty. It is a good idea to examine the warranty period to determine if a product will last. This can give you an indication of how frequently it would be launch by it manufacturer. Apple offers a limited warranty of one year and releases a new iPhone nearly every year. You will need an additional warranty to extend your coverage after the initial warranty period.

It is clear that the warranty period does not reflect the expected life expectancy of a product. It does however mean that you can pay more for extra coverage if your device not taken care of, or you may have to buy a new, more expensive, device in the worst case. Even your most caring attitude will eventually reach a point where it is no longer effective. The software technology that drives the hardware evolves faster than the hardware.

Choices Reduced

Although new products may be seen as more options, you will actually have fewer options if you don’t have the financial resources.

Because of its limited support for hardware and software, using an older device can be restrictive. What happens if your older device has problems, even minor ones? There is no support for your hardware or software. You have two options: upgrade or find someone who can repair it.

Upgrades can be costly and may not be possible if the skills aren’t available. Unfortunately, technical repair skills are on the decline.

This is not only true in the electronics industry where the US Bureau of Labour Statistics projects a 2% decline in electrical and electronics engineer jobs between 2014 and 2024. However, it also applies to other industries such as the automotive and other. This trend is also evident in advanced economies.

In developing countries, there are often second hand markets and thriving repair shops. These markets may be accessible, but quality not always guaranteed poker pelangi.

Influence On Purchasing Power Technology

It is one thing to have your purchasing power restricted by financial resources, but it is quite another to have it reduced because you have fewer choices. Although companies might claim that users’ expectations can change market dynamics, many companies also make constant efforts to influence their customers through advertising and promotions. Some companies actually set expectations for users.

This illustrated by the notion that customers don’t know what their wants, which many people have abandoned because of Steve Jobs. This idea is designed to manipulate customers to achieve a company’s goals.

A company does not need to continue providing support for existing products if a large customer base shifts towards one set of products. Although many people might not be interested in the new product they are selling them under the guise of technological “evolution” even though it is only feature enhancement.